Our Touring Style

Our touring style, like motorcycling, is about freedom. Motorcycling is an independent way to travel and explore. We are here to take the hassle out of the planning and logistics, and to share with you our experience and knowledge. We are not here to stifle your freedom or to try and control your ride, your journey, or your desire to explore.

Firstly let’s talk about our riding style. We provide you with route guidance notes, maps and GPS routes (in a BMW/Garmin format) so you can choose to ride independently at your pace, stopping to see what you want to see when you want to. You are always welcome to ride with the Tour Leader who will set a leave time each day so you can join them. You can ride with them every day or swap and change what you want to do each day. You have the freedom to choose. In Europe, groups bigger than four or five bikes are difficult to keep together and you don’t want to have to keep stopping to wait for other members of the group. How you ride is your choice. You are not compelled to ride in a line behind the Tour Leader at a pace set by the steadiest rider. You have freedom to make your own ride – it’s not only the most enjoyable way, but also the safest.

Unless you’ve decided to choose from our All Inclusive range, for most tours in Europe we do not take a luggage truck along with us – check each tour for what’s included. Two panniers and a top box is ample space for the luggage of two people. If you want some tips on packing then please let us know.  We are all the same – if we have more space we will fill it and then bring back all the things we didn’t really need.

Throughout Europe there is a comprehensive breakdown recovery network and all our hire bikes are covered by BMW Emergency Service. If we are touring in more remote areas of the world we will have a support vehicle and this can carry a spare bag, but its primary purpose is to provide mechanical and personal support in the event of a breakdown or fall. We would still advise you to carry your daily luggage on the bike as the truck may be delayed dealing with an incident.

With Motorrad Tours if you fancy a Chateaubriand and a nice bottle of Malbec one evening then we will have a recommendation for you; if you fancy pizza and a salad, then we will know a nice little trattoria.

The important thing is you have the freedom to choose. We do get everyone together at special or remote locations for dinner from time to time but not every night.

So, if you’re a motorcyclist and a traveller we believe our style is the best there is. It’s still your tour and your journey and your choice. Travelling with Motorrad Tours gives you the freedom to be independent but also the chance to share the journey with friends.

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