Adventure Tours are for the Adventurous! Far flung destinations in remote or developing parts of the world, a varying amount of gravel or dirt roads – see each tour for details, potential for long days in the saddle and although We will not be roughing it by any means, you should understand that standards of accommodation and food can vary from those you are used to in certain remote locations.


We have combined the beauty of the remote wilderness that is Alaska with the remarkable, breath-taking scenery of the Canadian Rockies to create this incredible Canadian Rockies and Alaska motorcycle tour. Frontier towns, remote settlements, giant glaciers and, if you are lucky, incredible wildlife!

Anchorage AL, USA
20 days tour
Approx 3450 miles

Have you ever dreamt of riding through the old Wild West of the USA?  Do you have a list of “got to see” places in mind?  Got a Bucket List of “must do” experiences?  Does your list include,  Watch the Sunrise in Monument Valley ✓ Ride through the Valley of the Gods ✓ Take a Helicopter flight into the Grand Canyon ✓ Do Vegas ✓ Ride Death Valley ✓ See the Hoover Dam ✓ Sip a cold beer watching Old Faithful erupt ✓ Ride the Pacific Coast Highway ✓ Raft on the Colorado River ✓ Ride through Yellowstone National Park ✓ and Arches National Park ✓ and Canyonlands ✓ and Mesa Verde ✓  The list goes on and this tour ticks all the boxes.

Portland OR, USA
21 days tour
Approx 3935 miles

African Odyssey is a true adventure into Africa. Starting in South Africa and heading into the less explored Namibia, this beautiful country nestles along the Atlantic Coast with Botswana to the east. Our tour starts in Cape Town and finishes in Windhoek. Join us for our South Africa Motorcycle tour.

Cape Town, SA
16 days tour
Approx 2300 miles

If you are seeking a truly unique adventure, where few have ridden before you, why not join us on our Ride to the Roof of The World: Mount Everest and Beyond tour.  Our adventure begins on the banks of the Mekong river, northern Thailand.  We’ll traverse Laos, before crossing into China’s Yunnan Province and onward to Tibet and its incredible mountain ranges. Destination Mount Everest Base Camp!

Chiang Kong, TH
21 days tour
Approx 2991 miles

Patagonia is a remote, incredibly beautiful region spanning Chile and Argentina. It is a true wilderness, sparsely populated by humans but home to Puma, Guanaco, Penguins and the mighty Condor. It possesses contrasting landscapes with the snow capped peaks of the Andes, coastal inlets in Chile, turquoise lakes, the Patagonian Desert or steppe, blue glaciers and petrified forests. It’s beauty is unquestionable and unique. Join us on this fascinating motorcycle tour.

Puerto Montt, CHI
20 days tour
Approx 2585 miles

Vietnam is a beautiful country with a long and sometimes turbulent past. It can trace its origins back 25,000 years and is one of the oldest countries in the world.

Bangkok, TH
25 days tour
Approx 3110 miles

Atacama, Incas, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, La Paz, Andes, Nazca.. All evocative… All must-see-in-your-lifetime destinations… and all on our 2025 Ultimate Incas Tour!  Every two days in the saddle is almost matched by a day off. This is essential with so much to see and do, from the UNESCO- listed Machu Picchu, to boat trips, city tours, and wildlife spotting.

Antofagasto, CHI
20 days tour
Approx 2803 miles

In just eleven days you can experience the best of Cambodia with our Cambodia motorcycle tour. This tour travels from remote villages to the bustling capital, from sun kissed beaches to ancient civilisations and so much more as we ride through this enchanting country.

Bangkok, TH
12 days tour
Approx 1050 miles

Thailand is a wondrous country featuring Buddhist temples, exotic wildlife, and spectacular islands. With a fascinating history and a unique culture, the tourist industry has boomed. However, if you think Thailand is all about Bangkok, Phuket bars and clubs, think again!

Bangkok, TH
15 days tour
Approx 1489 miles
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